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Learn How to Budgeting for Photography

Of all the costs associated with your wedding the cost of a destination wedding photographer may be the most important one. After all, the dress will only be worn that one time, the cake will be gone by the end of the evening, the food and the venue will be only for that one night but the photographs and the videos will last forever. You will be able to spend

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Photography of Distinction

One of the biggest concerns I hear from people is that they want to spend as much time with their family and friends without sacrificing photos. The key to achieving this is simple planning. Yes, it’s that easy. Well, OK as easy as you want to make it on yourself. In order to understand how to accomplish this, we first have to look at what takes up the time you’ll

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A CUT ABOVE- Photography of Distinction

If you have been at it for a while or are just starting to look, you’ll probably be shocked or at least surprised by the prices of Croatia wedding photography. But before you go throwing in the towel, consider what is involved. In all likeliness, your photographer will probably have 15-25 hours or more invested in your wedding, and they are including an album, prints and other items. Consider, national

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